Spiritual Medium Barrie Jon with Colin Fry presenting the cheque for €3.700 to Viviene Wharton Founder and President of ACTIN


Thank you so much to everyone that attended or took part in the psychic weekend. We have had the most fantastic time and I have met some truly amazing people. We are so sorry for everyone that was not able to see Colin’s performance on Friday night. I have to tell you that he did come to the hotel with every intention of performing, all of those that know him know that he is the ultimate professional and it was only the fact that he was physically unable to go on stage that stopped him carrying on with the show. Luckily we had the very good and funny ( not to mention handsome) Barrie John and Craig Morris who did a superb job of standing in for Colin and we had brilliant feedback from members of the audience.

Saturday night Colin was not well but he gave us the most wonderful show, probably the best that I have ever seen him. Everyone that I have spoken to thoroughly enjoyed themselves and was very inspired by this truly amazing man. Thank you so much Colin Fry to making this weekend such a huge success.

This event was organised in aid of ACTIN. Their founder and president is Vivienne Wharton.. I am inspired and in awe of many strong, good ,kind people, but none than more by this truly wonderful, determined, tenacious, gifted woman. It has been an honour and a pleasure to have worked on this venture with her. She has such passion and determination to fight for the lives and rights of animals that can’t speak for themselves you can be sure that this lovely lady will.

Kevin Elliot has been an absolute star though the whole organisation of the event from designing the posters, prize draw tickets, to setting up the whole of the website pages and sales of the tickets. The event would simply not have happened without him.
Martin Lawford, Suzy G and Rhiana never ever cease to amaze me with their kindness time after time after time. they always say yes when I ask them to preform at a charity event. They are such good kind people and every time that I say thank you to them it just never seems enough but we are so grateful that you support us in everything that we do.

Team Harmony after our first year under this name are now truly coming together as a team and every member has a very important part to play. I noticed more than ever this week how the team came together and what a lovely atmosphere between us there was. I am so humbled by these people and am truly proud of and to work with every one of them, without them there would be no Team Harmony.

We were so lucky to have such a great time with our exhibitors the atmosphere during the whole weekend was superb. I hope to work with you all again. This is the first time that we have used La Cumbre it most certainly will not be the last, they could not do enough for us and always with a smile. We have raised €3700 ACTIN as you can imagine this will go a way to help to pay their huge Vets and kennelling costs. Could I finally ask that you please look at their website and Facebook page. They so desperately need help and support in many ways.

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