Top 5 Places to Go on Vacation in 2015




Seasoned travelers and newbie tourists all seek unique places to go on vacation.


They’d rather stay away from the familiar routes and tourist traps. Today’s smart traveler prefers unusual experiences, great international cuisines, regional art and culture and getting to know the local traditions, customs and people.

Let’s take a look at some of the top places to go on vacation in 2015.

Trending at Number 5 this year is Taipei, Taiwan. If you love the exotic East plus the best of the West, then this is certainly the city for you. A great mix of Chinese, Japanese and Western influences, the capital of Taiwan has a tropical climate, cosmopolitan population, great street-food, exciting nightlife, bustling night and day markets, inexpensive souvenirs and local handicrafts, interesting sightseeing and easy pace of life.

Top 5 Taipei

Best time: All the year round, but watch out for typhoons in summer.

Cost: Low-cost flights, Hotels from $20-500, Transport- local and public.

Security: Safe with normal precautions.

At Number 4, are the Faroe Islands, Denmark. These eighteen gorgeous little islands situated between Iceland and Norway are blessed with stunning scenery, incredible landscapes and turn beautifully green during the short summer season. The best time to go is between May-September. Distinctive cuisine with wild seabirds, dried meats and seafood, adventure sports, fishing, music and the world’s smallest capital – Torshavn – all make this a memorable vacation.

Top 5 Faroe Islands

Best time: Mid-summer to catch the 24-hour sun.

Cost: Low-cost flights, Hotels from $40-400, Transport- local and public.

Security: Very safe with normal precautions.

At Number 3 Milan is slated to be one of the most popular holiday destinations in 2015. this ancient yet utterly contemporary city is one of the most interesting and exciting places to go on vacation this year. With Expo 2015 scheduled for May-October, the fashion capital of the world is all set to welcome the big names of international haute couture. Amazing sightseeing includes the magnificent 5th century Gothic cathedral, La Scala opera house, Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper at the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie and lots of museums. Delicious Lombardy cuisine, wines and desserts, hep and happening bars and discos and auto/fashion galleries make Milan a great spot for a family vacation.

Top 5 Milan

Best time: April-May, September-October.

Cost: Hotels: budget-luxury, b&b, dorms, home-stays. MilanoCard gives free transportation/museum entry/restaurant discounts.

Security: Safe with normal precautions. Beware of pickpockets and scams.

At Number 2 is Nicaragua. This Central American tropical paradise is completely unspoiled and unique. Eco-tourism, agri-tourism, scenic beaches, adventure sports, history and culture, yummy Spanish cuisine and wines, traditional arts, crafts and music and night-life make this a must-do vacation in 2015. There’s something for everyone here – Natural wonders, luxury spas and hotels, charming colonial architecture, rain-forest/volcano/canopy tours, tree-house accommodation, artisan markets, museums, galleries and restaurants all make this a great place to go on vacation in 2015.

Top 5 Nicaragua

Best time: December-April.

Cost: Hotels: Budget-luxury.

Security: Safe with normal precautions. Avoid local politics.

This year’s hottest place to go on vacation is Lithuania


Trending at Number 1 is this Baltic State has just become a member of the European Union in January 2015. Known in the travel industry as one of the best-kept tourist secrets, this matchless, effervescent, scenic and charming treasure-trove of a city definitely has all the makings of an unforgettable vacation. Incredible scenery, magnificent baroque towns, stunning architecture, rare ecosystems and national parks, pilgrimage sites, the fabulous old capital Vilnius with its ancient castles, artists’ enclaves and secretive alleyways, art galleries and culture tours offers plenty of things for your entertainment. Lithuania’s legendary street side coffee-houses, wine-bars and Latino/European music bars and discos will get you dancing your nights away. Don’t forget to shop for the exquisite local linen fabric and apparel, fun and funky fashion for youngsters, amber and gold jewelry, local embroidery and tapestry and colorful wedding sashes. For nature lovers, the lush pine forests dotted with sparkling lakes are a treat indeed. Inhabited by hundreds of species of migratory birds, rare local flora and fauna, Lithuania’s wetlands and marshes are a remarkable feature. The Baltic coastline, with its stark, white sand-dune beaches was a favorite with writer Thomas Mann.

Top 5 Lithuania

Best time: May-September.

Cost: Hotels: Budget-luxury.

Security: Safe with normal precautions.

So get your calendar out and start planning your 2016