Murcia Health Service Guarantees Health Care to Expats


Murcia Health Service has guaranteed the attention to the 13,000 British health care card holders in the region.

“Brexit” is not yet in motion. For British citizens living in the Murcia region still maintain their rights to be attended to.

Encarna Guillén, a representative councillor from the Murcia Health Service, met expats of the Camposol estate in Mazarrón yesterday to channel a message of calm.

Also in attendance was the mayor of Mazarrón, Alicia Jiménez. She too channelled a message of calm and ensured “health assistance for all the British will be guaranteed”.

According to specific data of the 13,182 British citizens with a health card in the region, 10,901 have their own health card as residents in the Murcia Autonomous Community.

Another 2,037 have the European health card, and split their time here, as so they are attended to as European citizens using the economic compensation system set up by the European Union.

Guillén assured that ‘for the moment everything will continue as it is. We cannot and shouldn’t anticipate the future, given that the ‘Brexit’ is not yet in force’.