Congratulations Mel Lay


Congratulations Mel Lay on your recent award!



CAMBRIDGE WEIGHT PLAN was developed in the UK over 30 years ago by doctors at Cambridge University and expanded to Spain over 5 years ago.

Having lost nearly 2 stone herself using CAMBRIDGE WEIGHT PLAN , MEL LAY then underwent extensive training and exams to become an ACREDITTED CAMBRIDGE WEIGHT PLAN CONSULTANT.
She launched her business in September 2014 in the Mazarron area.

cambridge-800-weight-plan-consultant-spain-murcia-mel-layNow, 2 years on ,not only has Mel helped many Clients to successfully lose weight safely and effectively but she also has a large portfolio of Maintainers who have lost weight with her guidance and also kept the weight off for a year or more.

Mel is qualified to help people with medical conditions, in particular people who have Diabetes (types 1 and 2) , Heart Arrhythmias, Hypertension, High Cholesterol , Thyroid conditions, medically treated Arthritis plus many others.
“ Many of my clients have had their Cholesterol and Hypertension medications reduced, and I have seen sugar levels in my diabetic clients stabilise to much lower and safer levels. Medical testimonials like these are proof that Cambridge can help make you healthier, as well as lose weight safely and effectively” Mel proudly explained.

She continued to say “you can have confidence in the CAMBRIDGE plans as each one has been developed by UK Doctors and it is continuously being medically trialled.
It is supported by many obesity and diabetic organisations and has helped millions of people lose weight and keep it off long term. Our products are nutritionally balanced, very low or free from refined sugars and form the basis of the highly effective Cambridge Weight Plan Programmes, aimed at both men and women. ”

“Contrary to some beliefs Cambridge is not just shakes. We offer a range of weight management programmes, and all levels include healthy conventional food, providing flexibility and choice as well as structure.
The products (porridge,soups,shakes, smoothies,bars, pasta and rice meals) can be used either as a total diet replacement for fast, predictable weight loss with nutritional assurance, or with conventional food for more gradual weight loss and effective weight management. You also receive a weekly private one to one consultation to create a long term weight loss plan which suits your lifestyle, and also to support and motivate you through your weight loss journey.”

Due to the success of her clients over the last few years, and Mel´s dedication to training and developing up and coming Consultants even with some of her own clients themselves going on to becoming Consultants too, Mel was recently awarded “CONSULTANT OF THE YEAR” of Cambridge Weight Plan Spain and will be joining the Management Team and representing Spain at the International Convention in the UK later this year.

“It has been an amazing 2 years helping many clients become healthier, lose weight and just as importantly keep it off, I am very fortunate to love my job as clients also have become my friends and I look forward to helping more people in the future”

If you would like to book a no obligation CONFIDENTIAL consultation, or ask any questions about the programmes, give Mel a call on 673 162 695 , email or take a look at her Facebook Business Page: