PooGuard for extra doggie cleanliness


MOST DOG owners believe they are acting responsibly by cleaning up after their pet but actually each time they scoop the poop millions of viruses and bacteria are left behind – around 25 million per poo, in fact – some of which can pose significant risks to children and adults.

These bugs can be responsible for stomach upsets and more serious conditions. One rugby player almost lost his foot after a wound sustained on the pitch became infected by bacteria from dog faeces and this isn’t uncommon.

British inventor Kevan Norton says the problem is underestimated because we can’t see the millions of germs left behind after scooping, “It’s very much out of sight, out of mind until something goes wrong.” As a sports coach he has seen how deadly these bugs can be even after the poo has been bagged and binned.

Kevan’s response to the problem was to develop a new product called PooGuard™ which aims to help pet owners Pick Up Properly. PooGuard is a foaming disinfectant that is simply sprayed onto the ground after pick-up to destroy 99.99% of viruses and bacteria found in dog poo and it’s tough enough to kill Salmonella, Enterobacter Streptococcus and Parvovirus (which is responsible for hundreds of dog deaths each year). A bitter repellent discourages the pet from approaching treated poo, also helping to prevent spread while the product gets to work. It’s safe to use around children and pets, can be used indoors and out, on natural or artificial surfaces and doesn’t harm the environment.

Owning a dog has considerable health benefits, helping families deal with stress and providing companionship and love. Now those benefits can be enjoyed while also protecting both pets and people from the potential dangers presented by dog poo germs by spraying after scooping.

PooGuard was awarded pet product innovation of the year by the pet industry and is available from Amazon, selected veterinary practices and pet shops as a handy 50 ml carry size that pet owners can use during walks and a 300 ml can that coaches and groundskeepers can use on playing fields and sports pitches before play starts.