Fake documents scam uncovered in Spain


NATIONAL POLICE have arrested a total of 116 people with Dominican nationality in and around Spain’s capital city on charges of alleged falsification of documents.

Among those detained are four responsible for providing their compatriots with false Dominican driving licenses, which were subsequently exchanged for Spanish ones as part of existing arrangements between the two nations. This even included being allowed to drive on Spanish roads without having to undergo any testing.

At the end of last year the National Police were aware of the existence of an organized group that provided Dominican citizens upon with false driving licenses of the Dominican Republic for a high price.

After several months, the researchers identified and detained the four heads of the organization, as well as 112 others who’d bought the false licenses. In a selection of homes and a hotel throughout Madrid, various incriminating documents were found, two laptops, 16 mobile phones and more than €4,000 in cash.