Pleas to stop the ‘advancing sea of concrete’ in Orihuela Costa


LOCAL POLITICAL party Cambiemos Orihuela (CO) has accused the council (PP and C’s) of having no control over the amount of building that is “devouring our coast at a dizzying speed”. They are convinced that some of the property developments being built have been started without first getting the required licence.

The CO councillors said in a statement they have checked several of the building sites that were granted licences during April and May – some of them including more than 50 homes – to find that they were already at an advanced stage, “which proves they were started long before the licence was granted”.

“This situation is being repeated systematically” due to the urban planning department being “overwhelmed” and some of the town hall officials “cannot keep up” with the demand.

Allegedly, some of the licences that have been granted permission weren’t issued in the order they were received. The CO have complained that there is no apparent reason for this.

CO accused the council of letting chaos rule, and instead of organising the massive and uncontrolled building that had already gone on in Orihuela Costa, “they are deliberately encouraging destructive inertia and speculation that is only benefitting the same old people”.

They said they cannot discover how many projects are being built at the moment or whether they have licences, or what effect all this will have for the inhabitants, who already suffer from a lack of services and infrastructure in the area.

They have demanded that the council take control of the situation and stop “the advancing sea of cement across our coast”.