Weekly horoscopes – 20 June 2017


Just like in Looney Tunes cartoons, an invisible Devil might be perched on one shoulder and an Angel on the other. Both are trying to persuade you to accept their point of view about an uncertain situation. Will ‘good’ triumph over ‘evil’? Much depends on how willing you are to accept that you’re not at risk of making as foolish a mistake as you might believe you are this week. Expect to be reassured about how fortuitous a situation really is.

For some time, you’ve been aware of how tedious or unsatisfactory a certain arrangement has been. You know what you’d do to bring an improvement if you had certain levels of power and influence. Yet, you’ve had to tolerate what has felt unacceptable through feeling powerless to change it. This week, your ruler, Venus, enters your sign. She’s coming to your rescue in more ways than one. New levels of comfort, closeness and optimism are all heading your way.

Enthusiasm sells. We’ve all seen situations where someone who hasn’t got a clue what someone else is really asking of them agrees to it only because of how enthusiastic the person asking is. Yet, there are times when asking in subtle or calm ways just doesn’t bring a desired result. This week, you might need to boost your enthusiasm levels in order to gain someone’s support or get them on the same page as you. It’s your enthusiasm that might instil a greater sense of urgency.

‘Sorry, the computer says ‘no’.’ We hear such words or the equivalent often in this day and age. Whereas we might have made progress by stating our case to a human, so many institutions enter specific data into a system and a program designed by a software engineer decides whether the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This week, you might need to go beyond tedious systems and protocols to get an answer you need. Don’t be fobbed off with a lame, generic excuse.

We those who are brave and the sincere are rewarded far more than cautious and unimaginative. For you, this is a time to be strong, proud, daring, ambitious and, above all else, confident. Developments this week could – and should – encourage you to a courageous step towards the fulfilment of a dream. Be less concerned about what might go ‘wrong’ and focus instead on how much you’re going to do that’s ‘right’. The latter outweighs the former significantly.

‘If you want to fly with eagles, don’t surround yourself with turkeys.’ The saying implies we must selective about with whom we associate if we’re to be successful. However, we know if we removed anyone from our world that we believed to be a negative influence, we’d end up feeling lonely pretty quickly. This week, it becomes clear success in a particular area requires like-mindedness between you and certain others. Don’t be too harsh with your selection process.

‘Start as you mean to go on.’ That’s helpful advice if we’re reassured we’re starting something in the right way. We often undertake plans blindly, believing we’re pursuing the right course of action until such time we discover otherwise. This week, the sky doesn’t imply you’re at risk of wasting time of effort but it is assisting you to embark upon a plan that needs only the right levels of motivation and inspiration. With these right, you can be certain you’re heading in the right direction.

You might struggle to find necessary levels of motivation or inspiration this week. There. Is it necessary for me to say more? You might think I’ve just given you a negative summary of the coming week but that only applies if you choose to accept that you won’t be able to summon motivation or inspiration in ways you need to. So, let’s see how able you are to prove me wrong. Given the celestial support you have to find both if you want them, you should succeed admirably.

Generally, when Sagittarians decide to pursue a particular plan that interests them to the point of intrigue or fascination, there are no limits to how deeply an Archer will dig to find out as much as possible about whatever-it-is. That’s one of your many admirable qualities. However, this week, your determination to find a particular answer or truth could cause you to dig a hole that will become deep surprisingly quickly. Be careful not to allow your keenness to become obsessive.

Rarely do we fast-forward films to the end because we accept how integral numerous scenes are to the big finale. With that in mind, consider the process you’re keen to accelerate – and why. Skipping over the important bits could mean you reach an ending that might not make sense. This week, as keen as you might be to move a process forward, recognize the essentialness of allowing it to play out, one scene at a time.

This week, guard against labouring a point. Be aware of the consequences of overstating your case. You might believe it’s necessary to provide more information rather than not enough in a particular way. It’s important to trust that ‘less is more’ where conveying yourself is concerned. In fact, your mission this week is about planting seeds of information in someone’s mind that need to be allowed to grow. Adopting a more subtle approach will ensure that happens.

A daunting quality attached to a particular plan should show signs of diminishing this week. Where you might have felt isolated or unsupported, you look set to discover otherwise. That’s why you can afford to step forward bravely and confidently. The time for weighing up options in a particular way is drawing to a close. If it isn’t already becoming clear how you have the one option you need and how it needs you to accept it, then it will do shortly.