Keeping those legs fresh all summer


SUNNY weather is always welcome, but be that as it may, summer heatwaves also bring with them heavy, puffy legs and water retention which can make life difficult for many women.

Sitting down for long hours, standing up at work or when shopping / sightseeing and taking mid or long haul flights can make the situation even worse.

However, there is plenty you can do to keep legs in top form in the heat of the summer: many foods and nutrients can help keep legs feel light and healthy and offer valuable relief for heavy, puffy legs

Oily fish and fish oil – these days also available in vegan varieties, help keep blood vessels in top form and red blood cells elastic, and also fight inflammation, thereby helping keep circulation going and leg healthy in the heat of the summer.

Turmeric and curcumin – its active ingredient, are known for their anti-inflammatory action and are an ideal companion to oily fish / fish oil. Turmeric can be added in smoothies, soups and almost all food recipes and curcumin is available as a supplement.

Horse chestnut and escin – its active ingredient, have a long history of use against water retention and as circulation enhancers. Available as supplement in all good health food stores.

Berry fruits – contain polyphenols which are known to protect vein function and support microcirculation. Blueberries and blackberries are the best, but literally all berry fruit are the perfect summer snack, both for leg health and as a yummy refreshment on a hot summer day.

Rutin and hesperidin – contained in citrus fruit and in supplement form, also have a long history of use as circulation enhancers and hesperidin is even contained in medication for heavy legs in Europe

Vitamin C – is crucial for blood vessel health and is found in tomatoes, citrus fruit and several other fruit and vegetables, as well as supplements

Protein – is normally not associated with leg health and wellness, but considering that skin and blood vessels are made of protein, it make sense to get enough in order to be able to repair your skin and blood vessels. Most women do not have enough protein, due to their avoidance of meat, but with the huge choice of quality and tasty vegan and whey protein powders available these days, there is no excuse being deficient in protein.

Water – is not a food per se, but plays an important role in keeping the lymphatic system healthy and functioning well and helps prevent constipation. Two litres of water a day are essential in the summer.

So there you have it: a selection of great nutrients and foods on how to help keep your legs light, fresh and healthy in the summer.

Combine this with the usual advice for heavy legs (keep legs elevated at night; have a hot and cold shower on legs; swim regularly; exercise on the vibration plate; have regular massages) and perhaps use a quality leg wellness cream and you will be all prepared to face the remaining few months of summer.