Book Review: Woman of State by Simon Berthon

Woman of State by Simon Berthon

A FASCINATING, intelligent and penetrating political thriller set in Belfast, Dublin and London.

Maire Anne McCartney is recruited for a one-off IRA mission in 1991 as a honey trap. She is told there will be no violence. But she has been lied to. To save herself, eighteen-year-old Maire must flee across the border alone, and start a new life.

In the present day DCI Carne, after an anonymous tip-off, discovers a body that will have huge repercussions for human rights lawyer Anne-Marie Gallagher who has been appointed Minister of State for Security and Immigration.

Layers upon intriguing layers are built throughout this story; it feels so incredibly realistic, as though you could be witnessing history.

A fascinating and an impressively stimulating read, in Woman of State Simon Berthon has created a contemporary thrilling tale with history ferociously snapping at its heels, ensuring one powerhouse of a read.