Film Review: The Dark Tower

RECKON SO: Elba as interdimensional protector, Roland of Gilead. Credit: Filmselect Trailer / YouTube

A TOWER holding the world together at the centre of time and space. A man in Black (Matthew McConaughey) who aims to bring it down and another Roland (Idris Elba) who is intent on stopping that from happening…

The film, directed by Nicolaj Arcel and based on the series of seven books by Stephen King is a mix of Wild-West, technical futurism and medieval sorcery, bound to have viewers spell-bound and amazed.

In the film, Elba plays inter-dimensional hero, Roland not getting chance to do much else other than shoot his guns and grunt. This may have disappointed some viewers but, as readers of the book will know, Roland is a man of few words.

Critics will say that McConaughey has played some great characters in his time but is sadly deprived of time to shine appearing more like a cliched villain with his grin declaring every bad deed. Tom Chambers performs well in the role of Jake, who is essentially Roland´s young sidekick for this instalment.

The Dark Tower had great potential with some big names on board yet perhaps lacks some development and structure. The film somehow remains short in light of the amazing story to be told. The door is certainly left open for a sequel with room for something even more special.