Record number of hospital operations in Andalucia


ACCORDING to statistics released by the Andalucian Government, there have been 563 organ operations in the first seven months of 2017.

From January to July there has been a 17.5 percent increase in operations, as well as 253 organ donations, an improvement of six percent on 2016.

365 of these transplants were renal (10 on children), 138 were liver (6 on children), 21 were heart (2 on children), 31 were lung transplants, and 8 were pancreas transplants. The average age of donors remains around 60 years.

252 families granted permission for a donation to be made from deceased loved ones which managed to reduce the transplant waiting list by a hundred people.

In July of this year, a total of 631 people were waiting to receive transplants, while in July 2016, 741 people were waiting, 110 fewer people.

The annual rate of donors per million in Andalucia (from July 31, 2016, to July 31, 2017) stands at 48.7, the highest ever in history and above the average of the Spanish National Health system.

Additionally, the annual average rates achieved by the European Union countries (19 donors per million population) have doubled.