A feast of culture for European Days of Heritage

ALL SMILES: Schoolchildren atended the event. Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Cuevas de Almanzora

CUEVAS DEL ALMANZORA celebrated “European Days of Heritage 2017” over the weekend with a series of themed activities.

The celebration was organised by the Council of Europe, through the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain and the Ministry of Culture of the Andalucian Government.

Events took place in the archaeological sites of Villaricos and Castillo de Villaricos, including a family archaeological workshop focussing on clothing and the development of the Iberian alphabet under the direction of the archaeologist Laura Larios. Participants had the opportunity to make a fibula to light their tunics and to create a plaque in the mud with their name in Iberian alphabet.

The theme selected this year was “Heritage and nature: a landscape of possibilities”. Similar activities took place across Andalucian municipalities under the coordination of the Directorate General of Cultural Assets and Museums as well as across Europe.

The objective for these days has been to gain a better understanding of the history of the land, nature and peoples that have impacted contemporary society. In Almeria, this includes migration, archaeology and the development of language as well as the importance of Almeria’s archaeological history.