Almeria drink awareness campaign launched

Photo credit: Shutterstock

ALMERIA City Councillor for Family and Equal Opportunities, Rafaela Abad, has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the “devastating effects” of abusive alcohol consumption to Almeria.

The series of events, launched under the name of ‘Almería Sin’, aims to bring to light the long-term effects of alcohol abuse.

The events coincide with the approaching global ‘No Alcohol Day’, set by the World Health Organisation, on December 15.

In a format similar to last year’s, the municipal proposal seeks to warn about the “increasingly early” start of young people in the addictive consumption of alcohol. The City Council proposes, together with the Association of Almeria Alcoholics Rehabilitated (ARA), call attention to alcoholism “as a disease that is.”

The president of ARA, José Salvador Gonzalez, has indicated in a press conference how the association offers rehabilitation therapy to almost 300 Almerians. He has also insisted on the importance of transferring information and advice about alcohol consumption to as many people as possible. Hence, that ARA is going to organise a series of activities with which to spread the message of prevention.

“A few decades ago, it was a person of 50 years or more with a long history of problems with alcohol, today it is someone younger, between 20 and 30 years, and drinking adds to problems with other addictions.”