Little Park comes back for Christmas

CHRISTMAS TIME: Last year’s Santa’s Grotto. Photo credit: @Lagaceta08 / twitter

EL EJIDO Town Hall square will once again play host to the ‘Little Park’ this year.

Doors to the park will officially open on December 1 and this year will see the premier of the synthetic ice rink.

The Little Park will have a whole host of attractions to be enjoyed by all such as the witch train, trampolines, children’s carousel, a battery car circuit, a plastic duck fishing pond and market stalls.

There will also be different activities put on across the month of December, including games, workshops, competitions, dance exhibitions and both musical and theatrical performances.

Christmas decorations will once again take over the Plaza Mayor of El Ejidota, with the traditional tree and the Portal de Belen returning to the area, where there will be carols sung regularly.

Little Park will be open between 4pm and 9pm on weekdays and between 11am and 2pm and 4pm and 9pm on Saturday and Sunday.