Royal Decree amends Spanish MOT rules


THE council of ministers have approved a Royal Decree that amends certain requirements and regulations in respect of the Spanish MOT (ITV).

Until now, if a vehicle failed an inspection it was mandatory to return to the same inspection station for the second test within a maximum period of one month.  The new regulation now permits the vehicles to be taken to a different station but within the same time scale of one month.

For those vehicles that pass the ITV test, the mandatory date for the next revision will not be changed if the vehicle passes the inspection in advance, provided it’s not more than one month in advance.  That means that, for example, if the ITV expires on a vehicle in January 2018 and you pass the test in December 2017, the next date will be January 2019.  If you were to take the same vehicle in November 2017, it will expire in November 2018.

The Royal Decree also forces all ITV stations to have the correct diagnostic tools that connect with the on-board computers that many vehicles approaching their first ITV inspections now have.  This will allow detailed inspections of the electronic security systems to check they are functioning correctly as well as improved controls of emissions.