HIV test now available without prescription at 250 pharmacies in Almeria

AVAILABLE: The self-diagnosis test is can now be purchased without a prescription at 250 Almerian pharmacies ©Shutterstock

THE Ministry of Health has announced that the self-diagnosis test for HIV is now available to purchase without a prescription in 250 pharmacies across Almeria Province.

According to reports, Almeria is currently the province with the second highest rate of HIV in Andalucia.

HIV reportedly affects an average of 9.66 people per 100,000 in Almeria, with the average across Andalucia standing at 7.25.

The test, which has a 99.5 per cent sensitivity rate, is based on a blood or saliva sample, and can produce a result within 20 minutes.

In December, the Council of Ministers approved the royal decree set to modify the legislation of self diagnosis, elimination the necessity for a prescription for the sale of HIV test to the public.