TORNADO HELP: President Diaz announces aid for those affected in Almeria

AID: President Diaz has announced that the Junta de Andalucia will be giving three forms of aid to Almerian victims of recent tornadoes. © @susanadiaz/Twitter

ANDALUCIAN President Susana Diaz has announced that there will be a plan put in place to alleviate the damage caused by farms in Almeria.

Several tornadoes hit the region on January 6, causing millions of damage to the region’s farms.

And Diaz has now indicated that there will be three forms of aid to help those affected.

The president reportedly indicated that the first line of help will be aimed directly at farmers who suffered minor damage to their greenhouses so that they can be repaired.

She also announced that there will be a second form of aid that will help modernise farms and greenhouses in the province that have suffered more serious damage to help victims incorporate more resistant designs to stop this happening again in the future.

This second form of aid will have a budget of €10 million.

Finally, there will also be a five year “Scrappage Scheme” put in place, reportedly expected to total €100 million, at a rate of €20 million per year, which will be set aside to help renovate and modernise small and parral greenhouses.