Police shut down multiple marihuana plantations and seize over 500 plants across Almeria


NATIONAL Police and the Guardia Civil have dismantled several different marihuana operations across Almeria, arresting multiple people in the process.

The arrests come as part of a wider operation by police, focusing on cracking down on the sale of the drug in Almeria.

Police investigations into marihuana reportedly began in December, when numerous people young people were arrested for allegedly possessing hashish and marihuana close to Calle Hortensia.

A number of surveillance operations were set up in the area following the arrests and officers were eventually able to locate exactly where the marihuana was being sold.

After locating the property, which was in the vicinity of two schools, they reportedly found that a family was allegedly responsible for the sales from their home.

The family was allegedly found to have a ‘sophisticated marihuana plantation’ equipped with an electric and irrigation system perfect for marihuana growth in a nearby property

RETRIEVED: The items reportedly taken from the family’s property  ©National Police

Officers entered the two properties on Thursday, Jan 11 and seized four glass jars full of marihuana buds, 67 grams of hashish a machete and more than €1,000 in coins and small bills from the family home; while 110 marihuana plants, several halogen lamps and a number of other items were retrieved from the separate property.

Two women and two men were arrested as a result, charged with crimes against public health and defrauding electrical supply.

Four days later, officers were able to locate another plantation, this time in el barrio de los Almendros.

Two people were allegedly caught by police removing large bags out of the back of their car, which contained a reported 2.6 kilos of marihuana buds.

In light of the find, police were able to search the subjects’ house and seized 290 marihuana, weighing approximately 32 kilos, a machete, a simulated rifle, 36 transformers, 35 lamps and three mobile phones.

The vehicle that the individuals were found in, alongside a shotgun, were also allegedly stolen and also seized and the two were subsequently arrested.

A final arrest was made in Roquetas de Mar when police arrested a 30-year-old man on suspicion of drug trafficking and cultivation of marihuana in another separate incident.

Officers seized 151 plants from a property in the town, which reportedly had its front door bricked up to hide the distinctive smell.