Torrecardenas Hospital to hold Parkinson’s training workshop


THE Torrecardenas hospital complex will hold a training workshop aimed at those affected by Parkinson’s disease later today (Wednesday).

A reported 2,000 people in Almeria suffer with the disease, while many more become caregivers to those who have the illness.

The workshop, which will begin at five this afternoon, aims to explain to both patients and caregivers how the disease affects the person’s movement and their family environment, as well as providing information on the Parkinson’s care circuit

It is part of a training programme that will be developed throughout the year driven by the Andalucian Movement Disorder Group and endorsed by the Andalucian Society of Neurology.

Dr Olivares, chair of the Andalucian Movement Disorder Group, told Spanish Media: “Its objective is to educate both the patient and the caregiver about the problems that arise and how they affect the family environment.”