IDENTITY THEFT: Two arrested following €12,000 fraud

SCAM: The pair defrauded their neighbour, a resident in garrucha

TWO people have been arrested in Garrucha accused of multiple crimes including identity theft, fraud and falsification of documents.

The two young people, aged 23 and 20, allegedly posed as one of their neighbours in order to steal almost €12,500.

An investigation reportedly began last August after the victim filed a complaint claiming that a bag had been stolen and that she had become the victim of identity fraud.

According to reports, it is alleged that the two, who were believed to be friends with the victim, took the purse of the victim at their home and stole personal documents, €500 in cash and a credit card.

One of the pair then reportedly posed as the victim using the stolen ID and managed to get €4,000 in cash from a bank in Aguilas Murcia.

They then allegedly also allegedly requested internet loans under the victim’s name and also purchased a number of items adding up to the value of €7,400 in addition to three telephone contracts in the name of the victim.

After studying extensive documentation the Guardia Civil were able to identify the two as the alleged perpetrators of the crime, claiming that they had used their friendship with the victim to their advantage for the scams.

The pair have now been charged with crimes of theft, identity theft and falsifying documents.