Almeria animal charity pleas for help

PAWS FOR THOUGHT: Iris (inset) and Molly are two of 12 puppies saved with their mum at two weeks old and are still seeking their forever homes.

AN Almeria animal charity has launched a desperate plea for help.

The Amethyst Dog Rescue in San Juan de los Terreros has since last year been working to help animals from the municipal pound in Baza, Granada.

The town hosts an annual horse breeders’ championship, and having heard rumours that dogs were being euthanised to make way for the event each year, Audrey Vollans decided to act.


Speaking exclusively to the Sol Times, she said: “We started with foster homes and since we’ve been involved not a single dog has been put down.

“We work closely with Spanish volunteers, but what we really need is more foster homes and donations, since we’re currently paying around €1,500 per month to keep some of the dogs in kennels.”

She added: “At the moment we’re stuck in a financial crisis.”

Audrey, originally from Guildford in Surrey, has been working with rescue animals since moving to Spain 16 years ago, but the plight of the Baza dogs convinced her to set up what is now an official charity.

“We also help with dogs elsewhere and even have a coordinator in the UK, Babs Williams, who with secretary Anne Parker and treasurer Gillian Hassaine does so much good work,” said Audrey, who is president.

“People can donate via our website on the donate page or set up regular payments, just €5 a month from 250 people would help us to cover some of our residence costs. “And if any local businesses are able to take our collection tins we’d really appreciate it.” Full details are available on the website, which has links to social media, or email

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