PET POISONING HORROR: Residents fear ‘their dog could be next’

DODGY SPRAY?: Guardia Civil investigating a swathe of dog deaths Photo Credits: Shutterstock / Guardia Civil (inset)

A SOCIALIST party (PSOE) councillor has urged local government to find out whether humans are at risk from substances which killed two dogs and poisoned eight more.

Early reports suggest the deaths may have been caused by tree fumigation in Almeria’s La Vega de Aca neighbourhood.

Almeria socialist councillor Ines Plaza said the case was “especially worrying,” in a statement.


She asked the Popular Party municipal government to take “all possible measures” to investigate how the animals died and then to act to prevent repeat pet deaths.

Plaza said many Almeria pet owners had been in touch to express their concern.

“Naturally, they love their dogs and are extremely worried something like this could happen to them,” she added.

The socialists are quizzing the government on exactly which parts of La Vega de Aca were sprayed and with what substance.

PSOE officials are also digging for clues on possible previous poisonings.

If fumigation didn’t kill the canines, it is “common sense” the municipal government find out what did so measures can be taken, Plaza said.

News comes after an apparently separate swathe of pet deaths struck Almeria’s Dalias, Albox and El Alquian.

As a part of the ‘operation antidote,’ Guardia Civil seized 28 kilos of plant fertilizer and an array of illegal traps suspected of killing eight other canines.

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