Police raid Almeria address in multi-regional hashish gang operation

DRUGS DEN: Police are cracking down on these criminal groups. Credit: Guardia Civil

OFFICERS of the Guardia Civil and National Police have arrested seven men in connection with a criminal group that was allegedly trafficking and distributing hashish from Morocco to Spain.

Five of the detainees are Spaniards, and two are Moroccan. After six house raids and three others of warehouses, police seized 900 kilos of hashish, a pistol, five grams of cocaine and €1,000 in cash.

An investigation began in January when the Guardia Civil became aware of communications between a resident of Algemesi, Valencia, and the drugs underworld of Morocco.

Further enquiries throughout southern Spain led them to establish that a criminal group was loading packages of hashish into vans in Algeciras, and distributing them in Catalonia, Pamplona, Valencia and the Basque country.

The police operation led to raids of houses in Algemesi, Cullera, San Pedro Alcantara (Marbella), Puerto del Real (Cadiz), and El Ejido (Almeria).