BIKE RACE: 67 riders took on Fiñana’s off-road challenge

RACE DAY: A total of 67 riders took part CREDIT: Fiñana Council

FIÑANA has played host to an off road bicycle race which saw riders negotiate the challenging landscape of nearby mountains to vie for the winning podium spot.

The 6th annual BTT Sierras de Fiñana race saw 67 racers take part last weekend. It was organised by the local council, with help from volunteers from the Red Cross and the Proteccion Civil.

Rafa Montes, the Mayor of Fiñana, said the council was looking into ways to help support similar races as the sport becomes more popular.

“As the gateway to the Sierra Nevada, Fiñana can offer a whole range of alternative activities,” Montes said.

The event saw riders race along a 50 kilometre route which included 1.3 kilometres of uneven terrain. The riders went off road and also raced through the streets of Fiñana itself.

Leopoldo Perez and Maria Esther Garvi were crowned winners of the race, with Montes presenting the awards along with other council officials.

Fiñana council said in a statement it wanted to thank the more than 50 volunteers who helped the race go ahead without issue.

The council added it has also organised several packages for people interesting in mountain biking while visiting the town.