Rural tourism push at the Andalucia Tourism, Sport and Adventure Tourism Fair

PRODUCTIVE: Association Vice-President Luis Aurelio Pérez Tapia said meetings would soon lead to results

COMPANIES from the Almanzora Valley tourist sector attended the Andalucia Tourism, Sport and Adventure Tourism Fair held last weekend to promote the area as an all-round rural tourism destination.

The Almanzora Valley Tourism Business Association, which represents more than 80 companies in the area, took part in a work session focused on marketing an inland, rural and nature-based tourism offer, with representatives from tour operators, travel agencies, online platforms, hotels and hostels, active tourism enterprises, and provincial tourist offices, among others.

Association Vice-President, Luis Aurelio Perez Tapia, described the event as very productive. He said the association had established agreements, “which will soon produce results”, after taking part in meetings with companies specializing in areas including online promotion of adventure tourism, rural accommodation directories, ecological tourism, gastronomy-based tourism, and activities aimed at children.

“The promotion of the region’s tourism offer is fundamental for attracting visitors”, Perez Tapia stressed.

“For this reason we have to reach agreements with companies which allow us to make our accommodation services, restaurants and activities reach the maximum number of people possible.”

He said the association had been working for many months on preparing activities designed to put the Almanzora Valley firmly on the rural tourism map, and was ready to start a promotional push.