5 endangered Iberian lynxes released in Spain

Photo by lynxexsitu.es via Wikimedia Commons

The release is part of an expanding breeding programme aimed at conserving one of the world’s most endangered feline 

Two male Iberian lynxes, along with two females, and a kitten were set free in Spain, as part of an expanding breeding program for conserving this endangered species of wild cats. According to a report by Reuters on Tuesday, December 20, the lynxes were released to recover the number of their species in the Arana Mountain range of Iznalloz, near Granada in southern Spain.  

The report said, five Iberian lynxes released included two males that were bred in captivity and two females, born in the wild. The wild cats were released as a part of the project known as ‘Life LynxConnect’, which aims to create reintroduction of this endangered species in the Andalusian mountains.  

“It’s the specific objective of this project to create a re-introduction area here”, said Javier Salcedo, regional program coordinator, as per the report. He further added, “It’s another milestone for this project”.  

The population of Iberian lynx had reduced to only 94 specimens that were registered within Spain in 2002, while none were recorded in Portugal. But due to conservation efforts, their population has now made a jump to over 1000, recorded in both countries during 2020.  

This increase in the population of the Iberian lynx still classifies it as endangered. According to the WWF international wildlife preservation group, the population of this wild cat will have to exceed by at least 3,000 with 750 breeding females, for it to be categorized as non-endangered.

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