France supports EU plans for Russian war crimes tribunal

France fears potential
Photo by Anthony Choren/

French government says they are working on a proposal with European partners  

France announced their support to create a special tribunal for war crimes committed by Russia, after its invasion of Ukraine. According to a report by the Guardian on Thursday, December 1, the tribunal is aimed to try senior Russian officials including Vladamir Putin for crime of aggression in Ukraine.

This announcement by the French government, makes them the first western country to publicly show their support for the proposal.  A statement by the French foreign minister said, the government was working with the European partners to make a proposal soon.

The aim of the trial is to put defendants with “decision making power involved in committing crimes of aggression”, the report said. This would mean that, the proposal will target figures such as Putin along with his defence minister Sergei Shoigu and foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.  The report added that even if the accused are convicted in absentia, Putin along with his team will be labelled as international criminals.

The present statement by the French government comes after the EU along with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced their support to make the tribunal aims to try Russian officials.

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