Germany to approve resolution calling 1930´s Ukraine famine as genocide

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The plans to declare the incident as a genocide comes after Ukraine marked the 90th anniversary of the Holodomor famine 

The German government has announced a resolution in its parliament to label Ukraine 1930s Holodomor famine as genocide. According to a report in the Associated Press on Wednesday, November 30, the famine is believed to have killed over 3 million Ukrainians under the rule of Josef Stalin.  

The report said the resolution is being brought to the lower house of the parliament by the three ruling coalition parties as well as the opposition. The decision to mark the famine comes days after Ukraine celebrated the 90th anniversary since the start of the famine.  

According to the resolution in the report, “The mass deaths from hunger were not a result of failed harvests; the political leadership of the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin was responsible for them”. It said that “the whole of Ukraine was affected by hunger and repression, not just its grain-producing areas”.  The resolution further added, “From today’s perspective, a historical and political classification as genocide is obvious”. 

Meanwhile, academic opinions about the famine remains divided on whether the famine constitutes as genocide. The point over the divide in opinion comes from the lack of clarity on whether the famine was intentionally orchestrated by Stalin to crush the Ukrainian independence movement, or if it was caused due to official incompetence along with natural conditions.

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