Russian drones hit Kyiv as Putin meets Belarus President

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Key energy infrastructure in and around Kyiv hit by Russian kamikaze drones, as President Vladimir Putin visited Belarus for the first time since 2019 

Russian drones inflicted more damage to Ukraine´s energy grid after attacks on Monday, December 19, again targeted essential energy infrastructure. According to a report by the Reuters, Ukraine authorities’ states that 23 out of 28 “Kamikaze” drones had been shot down by their air defense.  

The drone strikes on Monday are the third set of air strikes conducted by Russia in the past six days.  The series of strikes conducted by Russia on energy installations since October has resulted in major blackout in Ukraine, amid sub-zero temperatures.  

The report said, the drones used by the Russian forces called “kamikaze” are cheaply produced, disposable – unmanned aircrafts, that fly towards their target before plummeting at speed and detonating on impact.   

No casualties were reported on Monday, but authorities said nine buildings have been damaged. The Ukrainians also accused Russia of sending a drone over their nuclear power plant in the Mykolaiv region, stating that this is an “unacceptable violation of nuclear and radiation safety”.  

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, after visiting the country for the first time since 2019. His visit fueled fears in Ukraine, over the possibility of Russia opening a new invasion front through Belarus.  

But the report said, during the meeting between the two leaders, Ukraine was hardly mentioned. The leaders told reports during a press conference, that the meeting was more towards bilateral and economic cooperations between the two countries.

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