PP remains the popular party


THE LASTEST opinion poll carried out by CIS/El Pais suggests that Spain’s ruling Partido Popular (PP) continues to hold its ground with a double-digit 11.5% lead – down from a 12.8% lead at the beginning of April.

Two weeks ago, SocioMetrica/Racon estimated PP’s lead against the Spanish Socialists (PSOE) at 15/8%.

This latest poll takes place in the shadow of an ever unfolding political scandal in Madrid, which involves alleged corruption and blackmails to cover them up. The so-called “Operation Lezo” has already touched upon Ignacio González, a close ally of the woman that has been the premier of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes. That is only the latest of scandals that have been undermining PP.

However, as growth remains much higher than the Eurozone’s average and the Spanish economy generates over 400,000 jobs in a year, the quest for stability prevails.

Despite the higher than average 18.6% unemployment rate – second only to Greece in Europe – it has had little if any effect on PP’s popularity. However, the personal appeal of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has followed a downward trend since January.

The only loser among the four leading parties that have kept Spain on a fragile political stalemate for over two years is Podemos.

This is the second time in a row that the Socialists have improved on their voting intention. The new rise pushes them ahead of Podemos. The trend over the latest six polls suggests PSOE has overtaken Podemos, if only by a small margin.